Another Christmas, another attempt at Christmas chocolates. This year, my sister and I have attempted baileys truffles. We obviously had to have a practice run! Using a recipe my sister was given, we played around with the quantities of cream to chocolate for the truffle. Next time we do it, we will use even less cream. Take a look at the recipe They look a fair while to set, and even then they softened up really quickly. We melted white chocolate to coat the truffle, which is fiddlier than you imagine. TIP – use a fork not a spoon to tip the truffle! Anyway, they tasted amazing – i am looking forward to making them again.


These don’t need to specifically be for Christmas, but they work well as a little gift. I made a dark chocolate slab with cranberries. It couldn’t be simpler. Melt dark chocolate and spread on a piece of baking paper. Scatter a variety of fruit and nuts, leave to set. Once fully set, bash it with a rolling pin or just break it into pieces with your hands. DONE.  Another simple but delish treat is a sea salt truffle. 4 ingredients – cream, chocolate, sea salt, coco powder (check out the recipe here). I have tried to keep these small because they are really rich but very more-ish.

This week, my sister and I started to get festive. Every Christmas our Nanna would make us a box of homemade chocolates. The chocolates would never make it to Christmas day, they were that good!!! Having several failed attempts under our belt, we set about trying to make Nanna’s fudge one more time. Now, not to blow our own trumpets but this time we nailed it! It turns out the key to amazing fudge is taking your time. Chocolate fudge and baileys fudge are on the cards for another weekend….as well as more vanilla fudge as we somehow managed to eat it all. Next, feeling like top chocolatiers we decided to make our own honeycomb. I never realised how simple this was to make. The quicker you work and beat the mixture, the better the honeycomb turns out. We have kept the honeycomb in a air tight container and close to Christmas we will break it up and dip it into melted chocolate. Next on the list to try is peanut butter clusters and peppermint cremes. Our sweet-toothed friends are in for a treat this Christmas.fudgehoneycomb








No Christmas is complete without a chocolate yule log. For the last couple of years I have taken it upon myself to make it…I always keep it looking traditional. I have seen some intricate designs; turning the log into a home for mine, or creating alogn array of woodland animals on top. I use a Mary Berry recipe but add my own twist to the filling. To decorate I simply piped chocolate ganache all over the sponge to give it a ‘log’ feel. I used small amount of red icing to create two holly berries and I use actual holly leaves. I finished it off with a good dusting of icing sugar and there you have it!


Another Chrxmasistmas classic is Christmas Cake. This was the perfect gift for an older relative. The cake was made well in advance and constantly treated with a bit of brandy. When it came to decorating, I wanted an elegant looking cake. I made a dozen leaves and painted them gold using a Dr Oetker spray. I arranged the leaves to look like a Christmas tree, with a star at the top. I finished off by wrapping a gold ribbon around the edge.