Bloomin’ Good Cupcakes

For Mother’s Day this year I combined two of my mum’s favourite things – cake and flowers.

Flower cupcakes seem to be very popular at the moment so I gave them a try. I went for a rose and a hydrangea. My butter cream piping needs a bit more work – I keep blaming the fact I’m left handed for not being the most consistence! Continue reading


Quick and Easy Cupcakes

I made a variety of cupcakes for a bake sale recently, the¬†Terry’s chocolate orange ones went in a flash! I also made a carrot cake cupcake with a cream cheese frosting as well as vanilla cupcake with a royal icing top


A lady at work was turning 40, she wanted a batch of cupcakes to share out at work on her birthday. I made vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla butter cream. Hearts, 40’s and flowers in orange royal icing topped the cupcakes off….


Chocolate cupcakes are always a winner. There isn’t too much to say about these! Chocolate sponge, chocolate butter cream, Rolo’s and Ripple chocolate to decorate. Done.