Another 60th birthday cake


This cake was made a few weeks ago for a lovely lady’s 60th. My close friend sent me two pictures and ask for something in between the two cakes…but I got a bit carried away Continue reading


Never too old for a pig cake…

My sister recently turned 26, before her birthday I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. After flicking through a few pages of one of my cake books she announced ‘a pig’. So as requested I made her a pig cake. The sponge was a normal victoria sponge with strawberry jam and vanilla butter cream. Topped with pink and white royal icing, a marshmallow for eyes and a strawberry lace for the mouth. Finally sprinkles for the cheeks and I covered the edge in large jazzys (incase the cake wasn’t sweet enough!) And just like pigs we scoffed the lot 🙂Pig Cake

Cow Cake

I wa12271318_10153294163023367_449315857_os asked to make a cake for a little girl who was turning one. Her name was Molly – affectionately called ‘Molly-Moo’ so naturally, her parents wanted a cow cake. This was bit of a challenge, the cake had all sorts going on…piping work, small details and just the matter of making a round cow!! I scaled up a cow design I had seen and with hindsight, I would have gone even bigger. The sponge was a dairy free Victoria sponge (which has a slightly different texture) filled with dairy free vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. Assembling the cake was quite time consuming as there were lots of things to put together. In the end I was pretty chuffed with how it turned out 🙂


note to self: tidy up the kitchen a bit before you take photo’s!!

2 parties, 2 cakes: Part 1

This year my sister’s Goddaughter was turning 3 and she was have not one, but two, birthday parties. 2 parties = 2 themes = 2 cake’s. The first was a gymnastic party. Looking through pinterest with Rom’s mum we found a two tiered sparkly gold cake – We decided I would give this a go, on top I modeled a girl in a gymnastic pose. Each tier consisted of 3 layers. The bottom tier was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream. The second tier was vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and jam. After googling how to make the bottom tier  gold I set about sourcing sugar confetti. This alone was a nightmare, every website seemed to have ‘supply issues’. I picked up a couple of dr Oetker gold spray cans and a pot of edible glitter. After I stuck the confetti in place with butter cream, I sprayed it once, twice, a million times. I then painted over the now semi-gold confetti with the edible glitter (mixed with vanilla essence to make a paste). The top layer was slightly easier. I used a star stamp to make the decorations and i attached long band of royal icing to the sides. One mistake I made was attaching the bow before I got to the party venue. The bow slipped and cracked in transit. Que a frantic attempt to salvage it…I did, just! The girl on top also suffered a broken arm getting to the venue – nothing a bit of water and a cocktail stick couldn’t sort. Safe to say I learnt a fair bit from making this cake.


Present Cake

For my mums 60th last May, my sister and I planned a surprise day trip for her. The day started with afternoon tea at mine. To say my mum loves cake is an understatement! So this birthday cake had to be big enough to last the weekend!! I wanted to try something different and whilst I sat flicking through some cake books, I came across a present cake. The top tier had an edible ribbon. To make the ribbon I needed 15 strands of icing, all varying thickness. I left them overnight bent over a wooden spoon to create the shape. Once the icing had died out and was stable, I was able to arrange the strands and secure them using water. Both tiers were made to look like wrapping paper, I tried to use my mum’s favorite colours. A bright ribbon around the bottom just finished the cake off and brought all of the colours together.12277304_10153307335403367_581493548_n12305957_10153307335393367_1577395240_n

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers


The brief for this cake was ‘something pretty with flowers, without looking like it’s for an old lady’. I think I did alright here?! cookie cutters and stamps are a life saver. Anyone who says they make all of their own flowers and leaves is probably fibbing to some extent. The three roses were hand crafted (tutorial to follow). Some of the flowers were left to set in an egg box, to give them the 3D effect which I think worked really well. You can’t see from this picture but the 70 was brushed with an edible glitter as were some of the green leaves. The sponge was a 3 layer Victoria sponge.