About Me

Hi, my name is Fran Morley and I love cake!


 I love to eat cake but more importantly I love to make and decorate cake…of any kind.  For me, baking and decorating a cake is therapeutic. My passion for baking started at a young age thanks to my Nanna. Whenever my sister and I would go to visit my grandparents, without fail we would make some form of cake and bicker over who was going to lick the bowl! Since then I have continued to bake using the tips and techniques my Nanna taught me. I have been on various cake decorating and modeling courses and I hold a level 2 certificate in Food Hygiene and Safety. I’m not claiming to be a pro-baker, this is just a hobby!!
Keep an eye out for yummy recipes, at the moment I don’t bake as often as I like. Living on my own and working for a very small company means I would just have to eat it all myself – which wouldn’t be good for my waistline! But when I do stumble across a new recipe I will be sure to post them.
Why not let me create something for your next celebration? Birthdays, Weddings, Celebrations or just general cake consumption.




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