How To….Make Edible Bunting

I have seen so many pretty cakes with bunting on and been intrigued with the silicone moulds you use to make it. But I have never had an excuse to try it out. Finally, I was asked to make a 1st birthday cake and the design had the birthday girls name on it in bunting! WHOHOO!2017-01-30 19.16.23 (1).jpg

There are so many different designs, sizes and prices. Knowing I just needed a simple mould for now, I headed straight to ebay and bought a mould for £5.99. Before it arrived I read up on how to use the moulds,  all the videos seemed to be really simple, this looked fool-proof. Or was there a hidden catch?

Nope…it really is that simple.

Firstly I took a small piece of fondant and pushed it into the letter part of the bunting. Once it is fully pushed in, wipe away any excess using your finger. Then take a larger ball, about the size of a grape and push it in the triangle. Make sure the fondant fills the entire triangle or you will get a funny shaped bit of bunting. Like before, remove any excess fondant and make sure the bunting is level.



Finally, simply turn the mould over and pull it back to reveal the bunting triangle. The fondant will be delicate, try not to touch it too much. I left mine on a piece of parchment paper in a Tupperware box until the next day when I needed them. By then, they had hardened up a bit so they were easy to handle.

Actually getting them on the cake was the faffy bit as they slipped and slid a bit! I also underestimated the amount of triangles I would need. This wasn’t a problem as each triangle takes seconds to make.

The final look was so effective, I loved the contrast of the letters to the background. I can’t wait to use it again!

*correction* I used my mould for the second time last week and I must have had beginners luck! I am not sure if this was down to the fact that the weather was cold and my hands were hot…BUT…I could not get the fondant to stay in the mould at all. I was using one colour fondant for the letter and another to make the flag. I think if the bunting is all one colour it will inevitably be a lot easier than trying to make a two coloured flag.




4 thoughts on “How To….Make Edible Bunting

  1. dosirakbento says:

    Will help ‘harden’ up the sugarpaste so it will keep it shape easier. Also, when you store it to dry and use later, don’t store it in airtight container as the moisture in the paste won’t be able to escape, making it soft.


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