Summer Wedding- Flavours and Fillings

So last weekend I went to see my friend armed with cake samples ready to plan her wedding cake. She was quite open to flavours and fillings so I went with a selection of light, summery cakes to try!cringletie-house-hotel (1)

My friend’s wedding is coming up this august, as she was back in Peterborough it was an ideal time to finalise her cake! I knew she didn’t want a fruit cake and she certainly didn’t want any royal icing covering her cake, so I took three different flavoured sponges and two different style butter creams. I had free reign on flavours so I picked what I thought were summery and different, yet still suitable for everyone.

A Vanilla Sponge with Vanilla Buttercream and Apricot Jam was the first cake we tried over a cup of tea – A slight twist on the classic ‘Victoria Sponge'(I took one of these too) . The apricot jam has a delicate flavour which came through after the vanilla buttercream. I would always have one tier of a wedding cake is a nice simple sponge so even the less adventurous guests can enjoy the cake! This sponge was covered in a Swiss Meringue Buttercream (yes, its is as fancy as it sounds – but just you wait; there is a whole blog post coming on this). The SMG is light, airy and not too sweet. I’ve never made it before but straight away it was a winner!

The next sponge was Lemon with a Lemon Buttercream. This sponge was zingy and tasted fresh, I always think lemon is a good option after the wedding breakfast. Again, it is a crowd pleaser, but it is a nice light tasting sponge which works really well in the summer. I always use fresh lemons to flavour my sponge and buttercream. I have, in the past, tried a lemon flavouring, however I think the sponge tastes fake – if you know what I mean?? To cover this sponge I used a lemon buttercream, I thought this might be a lemon overload but it was the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Then I went for something completely different. Elderflower Sponge with Elderflower and Apple Buttercream, covered again in SMB. This was heaven! The elderflower and apple buttercream has a unique flavour, not overly sweet but floral and fruity. This worked perfectly with the subtle flavour of the SMB. To make the elderflower buttercream I just add a few drops of a good cordial or syrup into a normal buttercream mixture.

The bride’s mum, dad and brother all got in on the tasting, everyone had their own favourite! I’m not going to tell you what flavours we decided on, you will have to wait until august to find out!

wedding cake quote

My other fave wedding cake flavours…

  • Vanilla Sponge – filled with whipped cream and honey and fresh fruit (strawberries work the best but peach slices or raspberries would work too)
  • Lime Sponge – filled with a strawberry cream cheese frosting
  • Coconut Sponge – filled with a mango jam







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