Top 5 cake decorating tools

You don’t need to have lots of fancy gadgets or expensive tools to be able to decorate a cake. Most supermarkets will have a good range of basic cake decorating tools that won’t break the bank but will still do a good job. Here are my top 5 tools for a beginner cake decorator.


5. Frosting Side Scrapers. Yes, you can just use a pallette knife to remove any excess buttercream from the side of a cake before you cover it. However, these have another use, they are pretty handy for putting a simple pattern in buttercream or frosting.


4. Rolling Pin. Essential for rolling out icing! I have a non-stick one which I find works better than a glass one. Non-stick rolling pins can also go in the fridge, so if you ever attempt to make your own pasty, that is pretty handy. You can get rolling pins in so many sizes, I never make particularly big sponges so I have a 9 inch pin. This is a manageable size and stores easily too!



3. Icing Smoother. This tool smooths the icing after you have applied it to the cake. As you roll your icing out, the icing can become a bit dull looking, especially if you use icing sugar. The smoother gives the icing bit of a shine, it gives it bit of a professional look and if you have any slight marks on the icing, it can mask them a little bit.


2. Wire Cake Cutter. Gone are the days when you have to try and cut a cake using a knife, making the layers wonky and making a right old mess. A wire cake cutter has notches down either side so you can cut layers to any size. Just make sure you count the notches carefully! The wire effortlessly cuts through the sponge, meaning it takes a matter of seconds to cut your cake.


1.Turntable. Without a doubt, this is the most essential bit of kit for decorating a cake. I have my late Nanna’s turntable, so it may look a bit old fashioned but it does the job. Turntables make decorating cakes a lot simpler, you don’t have to keep moving the cake board or moving yourself around the table. They give you a much better view of your cake and really help when it comes to assembling cakes and adding final touches as you want all of the cake to look great, not just the front.



One thought on “Top 5 cake decorating tools

  1. dosirakbento says:

    My favourite tool is a big non stick fondant board. A bit of an investment but so much worth it. It makes it so much easier to roll out sugar paste / florist paste/ marzipan etc without the need of icing sugar = eliminating drying out and unsightly spots.

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