Another 60th birthday cake


This cake was made a few weeks ago for a lovely lady’s 60th. My close friend sent me two pictures and ask for something in between the two cakes…but I got a bit carried away with the different colours and I ended up giving her a brighter cake than expected. Bearing in mind, the birthday party was on the hottest weekend of the year so far, I don’t think it mattered.

The sponge was vanilla with a vanilla butter cream and strawberry jam filling. The top tier was a 6inch square, the bottom 8inch. There were about 25 people attending the party and in the end, the cake was more than big enough. You just never know how generous people are going to be with their portion sizes!

I used various cutters to make the flowers, all of which were fully edible (I keep meaning to do a post on making flowers…one day!). Making the flowers can be quite time consuming, and I always make more than I need. The final assembly of the cake didn’t take too long after I stopped faffing around, contemplating using the orange flowers or not.



Sometimes, I get a bit giddy for glitter, however, on this occasion a touch of glitter pulled all of the colours, shapes and sizes together. My friend was pleased with the cake, her mum loved it, and I got the seal of approval from my friend’s fiancĂ© who apparently had 3 slices! For me, another successful 60th birthday cake.





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