Gluten Free French Fancies


My  coeliac friend made a throw away comment a while back that she wished she could eat French fancies. Instead all she could do was pick the buttercream off (which is the best bit!) and leave behind the for her birthday this year I attempted to make gluten free French fancies. Easy right?? WRONG, VERY WRONG .

I just made a vanilla sponge subsittuting regular flour for gluten free plain flour. I use tesco baking power which i know is gluten free, always check the labels!! Once the sponge had been baked and cooled I cut it into 1cm squares.

Then, I made a simple vanilla buttercream, I only used about 30g of butter as you only need a little bit. I piped a large circle on the top of each sponge square and chilled for half an hour.


This is where it got tricky. Give yourself plenty of time, and have a gin ready for when you finish. This bit is fiddly, and messy, and it will test your patience. You need to have a runny icing mix. Just mix around 300g of icing sugar with a few spoonfuls of water. Always add the water slowly.

Other methods I had read, suggest you dip the whole cake into a bowl of icing. However, gluten free sponge is a lot more crumbly, the sponge will just break up if you do this.

Instead, I had to patiently and lovingly drizzle (using a tea spoon) the white icing over the sponge and let it drip down the sides. This took a bit more time and you didn’t get a perfectly even finish, nevertheless, they were covered. Leave the white icing to set for 20mins or so.

To  finish off, I added some pink food colouring to the remaining white icing and again, using a spoon I drizzled the pink icing over the white icing. The two colours bled into one another, which actually I gives a nice effect.


French fancies from a shop are made in a factory, any that aren’t 100% perfect are rejected. I was quite chuffed with my effort, they may not look perfect but Soph was thrilled when I gave them to her.  It might be a while before I attempt these again!




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