Bloomin’ Good Cupcakes

For Mother’s Day this year I combined two of my mum’s favourite things – cake and flowers.

Flower cupcakes seem to be very popular at the moment so I gave them a try. I went for a rose and a hydrangea. My butter cream piping needs a bit more work – I keep blaming the fact I’m left handed for not being the most consistence!

In order to achieve the hydrangea look just put two different coloured buttercreams in one piping bag – make sure one colour goes around the edge of the piping bag, and fill the middle with the other colour. I used a large star to get the effect. The only thing I had bit of a problem with, was the fact that after piping on a couple of cupcakes, the buttercreams started to mix together. You can buy disposable piping bags which are designed for two different colours….maybe I will give them a try next time.

I put green tissue paper at the bottom of my cupcake carrier, to make the cupcakes look more like a bunch of flowers.




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