Bake Off, Bake In

Last weekend I went to a local charity event in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. This charity event was right up my street…it was a bake in. The local baker put on a number of demonstrations, all we had to do was watch and eat 🙂 He showed us how to make a farmhouse loaf, soda bread, a festival loaf and plait bread.

They also had scones, cupcakes, brownies, gingerbread men and cake for sale if you hadn’t sampled enough bread. One cake in particular took my fancy – strawberry and lime. The sponge was green; like it needed scientific testing, not eating. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The frosting was quite sweet and had a nice strong strawberry flavour. The sponge was a bit more subtle, with only a hint of lime. I can imagine it would go down a treat in the summer, as part of an afternoon tea – with a glass of prosecco.

The event was well attended with over 130 people and they even raised over £1800 for the charity!



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