The first wedding cake


So, this is my first ever wedding cake. A 4 tier naked cake. The bottom tier sponge was a standard Victoria sponge, next we had a fresh strawberry, whipped cream and honey combo. Followed by a lemon sponge with lemon buttercream, and topped off with a vanilla sponge and elderflower butter cream. The couple wanted a simple cake, to fit the outdoor, natural theme of their wedding. I was a guest at the wedding which meant I missed out on nibbles and fizz as I was putting the cake together – but that was fine, I had a big glass of something tasty when I finished. Putting the cake together only took about 45minutes – I used cocktail sticks and wire to hold the fruit in place. I used a combination of real and fake flowers. I had crystallized some edible flowers however a hot august afternoon meant they were a sticky wilting mess. Thankfully I had my back up fake flowers. The purple roses you can see were on the bride’s christening cake, the horseshoe on the topper was from the groom’s parents wedding. The euro is a good luck symbol and the cork toppers were a nice alternative – one cork was from the couple’s 7th anniversary and the other from the night of their engagement. 12313806_10154352896049027_7944899118817132248_n


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