Tea and Cake?

I love trying out new recipes and having an afternoon of baking! The latest of which was on Saturday. I finally got around to making 2 recipes I have had for ages….white chocolate and raspberry brownie and an walnut  and honey loaf (no points for guessing the main ingredients). After the obligatory taste test it was decided that the brownie would go down a treat as a weekday pudding, it is not as rich as your normal brownie but still as ‘moorish’. and the loaf is the perfect accompaniment to cup of tea! Yummy! P1010506 P1010534

Chocolate, Banana and Hazelnut is a winning combo when it comes to a loaf cake! Also for any balding men out there….these ingredients are good for encouraging hair growth too. The great thing about this cake is that it isnt too sweet, I usually use dark chocolate which helps give the loaf a nice rich flavour. I like to cut a thick chunk and devour it, my dad likes to butter it and savour the taste! Either way, it doesn’t last long.

Lemon Dizzle…such a classic! After finishing one loaf last night with a cup of tea I was told “You can make another one of these tomorrow if you want to” Oh can I….how nice of you to let me! I tend to ‘drizzle’ my sponge more than once  to make sure you have a nice lemon flavour and a good bit of crunch on the top.


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