Present Cake

For my mums 60th last May, my sister and I planned a surprise day trip for her. The day started with afternoon tea at mine. To say my mum loves cake is an understatement! So this birthday cake had to be big enough to last the weekend!! I wanted to try something different and whilst I sat flicking through some cake books, I came across a present cake. The top tier had an edible ribbon. To make the ribbon I needed 15 strands of icing, all varying thickness. I left them overnight bent over a wooden spoon to create the shape. Once the icing had died out and was stable, I was able to arrange the strands and secure them using water. Both tiers were made to look like wrapping paper, I tried to use my mum’s favorite colours. A bright ribbon around the bottom just finished the cake off and brought all of the colours together.12277304_10153307335403367_581493548_n12305957_10153307335393367_1577395240_n


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