2 parties, 2 cakes: Part 1

This year my sister’s Goddaughter was turning 3 and she was have not one, but two, birthday parties. 2 parties = 2 themes = 2 cake’s. The first was a gymnastic party. Looking through pinterest with Rom’s mum we found a two tiered sparkly gold cake – We decided I would give this a go, on top I modeled a girl in a gymnastic pose. Each tier consisted of 3 layers. The bottom tier was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream. The second tier was vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and jam. After googling how to make the bottom tier  gold I set about sourcing sugar confetti. This alone was a nightmare, every website seemed to have ‘supply issues’. I picked up a couple of dr Oetker gold spray cans and a pot of edible glitter. After I stuck the confetti in place with butter cream, I sprayed it once, twice, a million times. I then painted over the now semi-gold confetti with the edible glitter (mixed with vanilla essence to make a paste). The top layer was slightly easier. I used a star stamp to make the decorations and i attached long band of royal icing to the sides. One mistake I made was attaching the bow before I got to the party venue. The bow slipped and cracked in transit. Que a frantic attempt to salvage it…I did, just! The girl on top also suffered a broken arm getting to the venue – nothing a bit of water and a cocktail stick couldn’t sort. Safe to say I learnt a fair bit from making this cake.



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